We have years of experience providing compassionate, reliable, professional services to families from all walks of life and Faiths, in helping them navigate grief and to celebrate their loved ones as an independent company. When we first opened our doors, the dream was to offer our bereaved families a new kind of funeral home experience. We believe that compassionate, professional, and accessible care should be available to anyone, and families should never be pressured to purchase services they do not need. When families make contact with us, we hope they feel comfortable and welcomed knowing that we are committed to helping them honor and celebrate their loved one’s life.
Each family that we have served thus far came because they saw we are passionate in our profession and is dedicated to excellence in service, while adhering to the highest funeral industry standards, and have exceptional integrity. As a result, we have consistently earned phenomenally high customer satisfaction feedback.

To date, Tahirah (Center) is the youngest female Managing Funeral Director within the funeral service industry in Barbados.

As the industry continues to change drastically, the team at Bereavement Care Funerals goes above and beyond when dealing with bereaved families because of their strong understanding of how the celebration of Life should be in a Unique, Compassionate and Dignified way.